Our History

Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church

Mt. Carmel was organized October 10, 1945 with a fourteen-member congregation under the pastoral leadership of Reverend Joseph B. Felker, Sr.  Initially located at 22 East 31st Street, the church moved and marched in celebration on Easter 1952 to its current location, 2978 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Reverend Felker's pastoral service led him to receive and accept God's directive to join a missionary journey.  After 12 years of leadership at Mt, Carmel, he journeyed to Liberia (Africa) and labored in Monrovia, Liberia's capital city, making many accomplishments for the benefit of God's people,

On Sunday of February 3, 1957, after a vote by the membership, the Reverend Joseph B. Felker (senior) turned over the leadership of Mt. Carmel  to the capable leadership of his son the Reverend Dr. Joseph B. Felker, Jr.  He was unanimously elected to become the second Pastor of Mt. Carmel.  The church experienced tremendous growth under the ledership of Reverend Dr. Joseph B. Felker, Jr.  fulfilling God's plan and prevailing over the many obstacles confronting the church.

Numerous accomplishments for Christ, Church and Community were made under Reverend Felker's fifty-one years of leadership.  His pastoral guidance has blessed Mt. Carmel, adding many Christian souls to the body of Christ that's too many to count. 

Also, noteworthy, is that on August 19, 1986, Mt. Carmel opened its doors to the newy built educational building.  On  Sunday, May 23, 2010, the building was formally named and dedicated as the Dr. Joseph B. Felker Jr., Family Life Center.

Reverend Dr. Joseph B. Felker, Jr.'s legacy to Christ, Church and Community continues to impact the church's current and future membership.  After fifty-one years of faithful service, Dr. Felker, Jr. retired to become Mt. Carmel's first Pastor Emeritus. 

On Sunday February 15, 2009, the Reverend Dr. Robert Charles Jones, Jr. was installed as the third Pastor of Mt. Carmel.  Under the leadership, Dr. Robert C. Jones Jr. together we have made time changes to our times of anniversary celebrations, experienced  unexpected deaths within our church leadership at every level, building and site improvements, together we have endured the global COVID-19 Pandemic, state and city draconian-style participation attendance reductions, virtual and hybrid worships, electronic giving,  and programs of churches, city-wide civil unrest, and congregational rebuilding via missions, evangelism, and education continues the legacy of following God's plan of doing God's will for Christ, Church and Community.

Rev. Joseph B. Felker Sr.
Founding Pastor